• For us, operating responsibly is never a compromise...
    it’s a commitment

  • We get the job done
    and done right.

Traditional Business Principals for Modern Oil & Gas Exploration


With so many factors at play in the operation of an oil or gas project—and so much at stake for ourselves and our Partners—competence and efficiency are of paramount importance. We’ve discovered through experience that our preference for keeping operations consistent at every stage—from equipment maintenance and facility management to field reporting and environmental responsibility—requires organization and oversight of a caliber only we can deliver. That’s why we started Mercury Operating, LLC in order to fulfill our own operating capabilities. By covering our own capabilities, we empower ourselves to drive costs and issues down, so we can focus on keeping efficiency, production and accountability up to our unparalleled operational standards.

Production Development

Mercury Operating is currently developing production in several counties in East and West Texas. The West Texas operations focus on districts 9, 7B and 7C while the East Texas operations focus on district 6. In both regions, the main target is relatively shallow conventional play.